What’s So Great About Festool Sander Units?

A Festool Sander is an excellent power tool for hardwood, painted, and bare metal finishing. Their dual grinding disks feature variable speed and universal fit drive belts that are durable and will not wear out easily. The lightweight and high vibration dampening of Festool disc sander make them very comfortable to work with over long periods of time even when you are sanding ceilings or walls. The variable-speed motors of all Festool sander models allow you to move effortlessly from heavy abrasive material removal to fine delicate surface finish application, and all of Festool’s high-performance abrasive products offer grit to suit every project. No matter what type of surface you are sanding, there is a Festool sander to meet your needs.

The sander is an exceptional value for its ability to perform two tasks in one compact sander. By utilizing both the power and the versatility of an electric sanding machine, a Festool sander allows for both power and versatility for both finishing applications and material removal. The ets (expanded transfer) setting is perfect for soft to moderate sanding on almost any smooth surface including light concrete and painted wood. On the other hand, the urethane mode provides the power you need for finishing fir and oak on hardwoods and other solid surfaces.

Most Festool sander models are available with either a two or five-wheel stand-alone drive, but there is also a compact model for easy storage and transport. Two and five-wheel stand-alone models are interchangeable for use on most job sites, making them the ideal size for home and business-based sanding applications. In addition, these models also work well in conjunction with other portable machines like the ipless or bloodmobile sanders that can be easily maneuvered with ease. A Festool sander is truly versatile.

There are several other useful features found on Festool products including the ipless and bloodmobile sanders. The ipless provides a faster, yet less powerful operation than a traditional push/pull sander. This is accomplished by allowing users to perform lighter weight, higher speed maneuvers similar to those used with a cordless drill. With the bloodmobile, users have access to a much greater depth of sanding and generally provide higher accuracy than their ipless siblings.

What's So Great About Festool Sander Units? Sander

The sander’s lightweight construction makes for easy mobility and versatility over long time periods. The lightweight construction also makes it easier to clean. Cleaning a wet sanding device without getting the suction involved in the dry setting takes a longer time than when cleaning a dry sander which results in higher quality sanding. A Festool multi-mode sander is made with extreme precision in mind.

The multi-mode sander comes in two different styles. Single-mode sanders are great for light to medium-grit jobs. Users should select the appropriate grit size for the job at hand. Medium-grit sanders on the other hand are great for performing more heavy-duty work. These machines are typically used for aluminum oxide burrs removal applications where the high grit abrasives need to be sanded down prior to removal. Single-modes saws generally come as a tabletop model or as vertical or horizontal units which are great for those who need only the power of one tool for a variety of projects.

The ease of maintenance and portability make Festool sander an all-around performer. Single-mode Festools require little or no maintenance and are usually made of heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel. For heavy-duty work, an orbital sander is a perfect choice. Both these sanders have great wet and dry functionality that ensures ease of use. Drywall sanders are also available as wet and dry models but are not recommended for do-it-yourself projects.

A Festool sander typically incorporates two speeds and allows users to switch between them easily. Users can adjust speeds while the unit is on and automatically slow down when finishing the job. They also have variable-speed motors which allow users to change grit sizes easily. The dual-speed mechanism provides accurate finishing results. Overall, the Festool sander has proven to be an excellent buy for consumers looking for performance sanding tools with the versatility and reliability needed for everyday use.


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