How to Use an Angle Grinder, Using an Angle Grinder Safely

How to Use an Angle Grinder may be asking yourself. This is one of the most versatile and useful Power Tools you can own for cutting, trimming, and shaping materials. It is usually used on Woodworking projects to cut and shape logs or other similar items. They come in many sizes and configurations. Find out how to use a grinder and what its best uses are.

Before you start using your angle grinder safely, it is important to read your manual. Learn all about the different settings and functions. Be familiar with your particular power tool and understand how to use it safely. Children must never be near or around sharp tools when using such dangerous power tools and always read the manual. If you have any questions ask your workmate or the manufacturer.

Tips on How to Use an Angle Grinder

The two most common scenarios in which you will use an angle grinder step by step are cutting metal and grinding stones. Cutting metal with it is quite simple but you must understand that it produces sparks and you must wear eye protection to protect your eyes. Grinding the same material with a grinding disk is a bit more difficult to keep a safe distance from the grinding wheel and wear safety goggles.

How to Use an Angle Grinder, Using an Angle Grinder Safely Angle Grinder

A common question about how to use an angle grinder on concrete  is, “What’s the best way to perform both polishing and cutting?” Cutting and polishing materials are very different. They are done by using the same principles of grinding and the same type of disk. However, the polishing wheel will create a circular motion that is similar to that of a sander. The polisher will remove rough or chipped surfaces as well as polish a piece of metal.

You want to stand far enough away from the grinder that you can control the amount of dust it generates. When you first start using your instrument, stand far enough away that you can keep dust from entering your face. Simply make sure the blade is far enough away from your face that it will not be in direct contact with your face. If it is necessary, close your eyes. Otherwise, rotate your head around to see where the blade is located. If you cannot see it, the blade is either too far away or you are not rotating it away enough.

Polishing metal, especially brass, takes a little more time than cutting it. This is because you need to clean the surface and remove the oxidation before you can begin polishing. The more you wait, the harder it will be to get a nice even shine to the metal. When you finally do polish the metal, you will find that the finish is more reflective than a freshly cut piece and you will have to clean the surface again.

Using your tool to cut thin items, like sheets of plywood or drywall, is easier when the blade is dull. Dull blades will cause the tool to scrap quickly and efficiently. Dull tools also require more work to clean because grit sticks to every surface, including those hard-to-reach places. How to use a grinder to cut a sheet of plywood is very simple. Simply hold the tool at an angle and slice through the wood with multiple passes.

If you are using your grinder for cutting sheet metal, make sure the workpiece has been prepped before you begin cutting. If not, you will cause excessive heat and sparks to fly. To prepare the workpiece, cover it with masking tape and secure it to the table. You may also want to set up a small table lamp in front of the grinder so that workers have a place to read about how to use their equipment.

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