Dewalt Heat Gun Can Handle Anything

Dewalt Heat Gun is an extremely versatile tool and among the top-rated best-kept secrets in an enthusiastic DIYer’s toolbox. Essentially, these handy devices resemble handheld hairdryers but operate more like traditional blowers and work in much the same manner; rapidly pulling out air via a powerful fan and pushing it through a heat-generating nozzle and into a heated area. The air passes over a pre-set heat index and is then heated by the heat gun’s internal heating element. This instantly provides a hot air blast that seals in moisture, preventing a build-up of molds and mildew.

The actual performance characteristics of these tools are ideal for light to medium-duty stripping projects. They work equally well on painted or stained wood, metal, vinyl, and other non-porous surfaces, and will strip paint and provide a deep, clean scrape even on tough stains. Ideal application procedures include spraying the surface area with a pre-measured, pre-heated gun spray, wiping it dry with a piece of cotton cloth, and then finishing with normal shop-vacuum or floor-mounted fans.

Dewalt heat guns have several important advantages over other types of stripers. For example, they feature variable-speed nozzles, which allow the heat generated to be precisely controlled. This feature is ideal when working with lighter materials that change depending on the applied temperature. With variable-speed nozzles, the operators can apply more or less heat at any given moment. Another benefit is that it eliminates the need for constant adjustment or repositioning of the nozzles. This eliminates the possibility of overheating the treated surface, as occurs if the nozzle is moved too quickly in the process.

Dewalt Heat Gun Can Handle Anything Heat Gun

Many modern heat guns use a coupled stream control, which provides for precise heating of the material being worked with. The stream control directs streams of hot air from the compressor onto the workpiece while it is spinning. The end result is a precise amount of heat being applied to the item being worked with. This prevents over-heating and warping of the material.

A major advantage of using a combined stream control is that it allows for precise temperature control. The operator simply uses a dial to set the desired degree Fahrenheit of heat to be applied. Depending upon the type of material being worked, the required temperature range may range from a low of around one hundred degrees to a high of around four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. When working with thicker materials that are not easily heated by standard household ovens, the hot air gun’s ability to accurately regulate the heat produced makes it an excellent choice.

Another important factor in the operation of these types of heat guns is their temperature control. They allow for precise temperature control as well as consistent heat distribution. With the correct temperature range in place, operators can confidently predict the exact moment when the item will reach the desired temperature range. This gives them the advantage of quickly and efficiently heating and cooling a wide variety of items.

For those interested in more than just basic heating and cooling of items, Dewalt heat guns offer a full range of specialty tools. Some of their most popular items include the fryer gun and popcorn poppers. The fryer gun produces a controlled burst of hot oil that allows for the quick cooking of frozen food items. These poppers allow for a quick and convenient way of preparing home-cooked meals. As one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available, both in its duty and utility aspects, it is no wonder that many different models and series are available for sale.

If you are looking for a simple, efficient tool with the ability to get the job done quickly and easily, then consider a Dewalt heat gun. A great part of owning this type of equipment is the wide variety of nozzles available. From flat spot heat nozzles to circular nozzles and even water jets nozzles, there is a style of nozzule to fit almost any job need. No matter what type of job you have at hand, it can be quickly and easily handled with one of these versatile heat guns.

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