Bosch Jigsaw – An Elegant Safety Tool For Home and Business

Bosch Jigsaw is a handy little tool. It comes with a corded variant with a heavy-duty belt. However, the cordless version has a much longer reach and can be used wherever you need it most. Here are some of the pros and cons of both variants.

Bosch Jigsaw: Cordless It’s quite the opposite of its corded brother. This model uses a rugged corded die-cast metal footplate instead of an ionic brush for cutting. A sturdy heavy-duty gearbox is added to help it handle the stresses of a heavy-duty workstation. The powerful 7-amp electric motor makes this model suitable for cutting various hard materials with great precision.

Bosch Jigsaw - An Elegant Safety Tool For Home and Business Jigsaw Tool

The improved performance of this jigsaw can be attributed to the following features: quieter operation, better blade clearance, faster blade rotation, and higher RPM ratings. The new motor has variable speed control which further contributes to better performance. The improved performance also comes with a higher starting price as well as some additional accessories. Most of these accessories come in the form of extension tubes and blade covers.

Bosch Jig Saw with a Barrel-Grip: Negative reviews centered around the old model have more to do with its poor ergonomics than anything else. The new model features an open frame and includes a ribbed rubber grip on the front end. This has a positive effect on ergonomic comfort and allows the operator to operate with a greater sense of control. These positive reviews centered around the new models. Customers that bought the old version reported painful knuckles after using the machine for long periods of time.

Some customers reported having difficulty opening and closing the tool as it required a strong effort and caused their arms to ache. However, these negative reviews centered around the barrel-grip issue reported ease of use and good comfort after prolonged use. The new model includes ergonomically designed rubber grips on both sides of the frame to provide a firm foundation for comfortable operation.

Another feature of this power tool is a speed trigger. The speed trigger adjusts its cutting force based on the amount of pressure applied by the operator. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism that functions when pressure is applied on the trigger. This has a positive effect on safety and provides accurate control during use. The improved model comes with a manual safety key which can be used to stop the unit immediately if accidental contact is made with the blade.

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