sunkeneyes.com was launched in September 2021 as the first question-answer-based social network. When you discover this site, you will be able to reach the information you are looking for even faster than the search engines. In other words, you can forget everything you know about social media and content sites until now. Because we unite the relationship of these two and want to give you a brand new experience.

Our Mission is to Provide You Fast Access to Unlimited Information

We bring a new vision to the internet environment. We hope that you, our guests, will have a pleasant time, sometimes by remembering the past and sometimes with a different view to the future. All the information you are looking for will be at your fingertips. When you ask a question that you are curious about, people who have knowledge in their field will give you the right answers. Our aim is not to chat with deer, but to provide you with the information you are looking for as soon as possible. The answer to a question will be answered from different angles and you will reach the right one more confidently in this way.

At sunkeneyes.com, users can find answers to their questions by making use of the most extreme possibilities of the internet, and sometimes they can transfer what they know to other people. In this way, they also contribute to the growth of sunkeneyes.com and reach more audiences.
You can also create a profile on sunkeneyes.com, find answers to your questions, answer questions and benefit from many more features.

You can save the questions on sunkeneyes.com, filter, and comment on the questions and answers according to your interests, befriend other users and easily access their questions and answers, and you can also share all the content on your social media accounts.